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Welcome to Cate Blanchett Fan, the most complete fansite dedicated to the Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett. You probably know Cate from her movies Elizabeth, The Lord of The Rings, The Aviator, Blue Jasmine. Our goal is to provide you with all the latest news about Mrs. Blanchett, information about her projects in Film and Theater, a compreensive Image Gallery with over 65000 (paparazzi free) files and much more. Thanks for your visit!

Whether smudging her mascara just so or leaving her forehead slightly shiny, Cate Blanchett uses cosmetic signals to help craft her on-screen personae: “We really fine-tune those details,” Blanchett says. “The audience takes a cue from the visual before the characters even open their mouths.” Here, the two-time Oscar winner (and longtime ambassador for SK-II skin care) gives us a master class on the art of transformation.

How much does a character’s hair and makeup affect the psychology behind your performance?

It matters greatly. Personally, I prefer to play against the look: If a character appears particularly unhinged, with makeup running down her face, I like to play her as if she has it together. I think that juxtaposition makes it so much more interesting.

Have you ever played a character whose beauty habits made you uncomfortable with your own reflection?

I just completed this movie, Carol, in which I had to pluck my eyebrows nearly every day to achieve that very stern look. I just hated it. I much prefer a natural approach to beauty. You know, Coco Chanel always said to take one thing off before you leave the house, and I think that also applies to makeup.

Do you ever do your own makeup?

I’ve just come off of a three-week run of The Maids, where the backstage makeup is pretty bare-bones. It’s just you and the mirror. While I much prefer when a professional does it, I’m getting better at it—even liquid liner. After a run of several night events, you begin to appreciate the solitude and the quiet backstage. And then, of course, a healthy sweep of jet-black mascara. I’ve also taken to lining my eyes in white pencil to make them look instantly brighter and bigger. That’s something I’ve learned from the pros.

At the Emmys last year, a lot of people were talking about how the age ceiling has been shattered for women in Hollywood. What does that mean to you? Why is that always a topic of conversation?

Look at the women on Orange Is the New Black, American Horror Story, or The Good Wife. People really do want to see women doing dark, complicated, and crazy shit! Those shows have a myriad of male viewers because the writing is simply good. It’s not as if women just stop watching TV after they turn 40. I think what happened is that the women finally started to do something about it; they began writing and producing.

So much of beauty is predicated on what our mothers did. What was something you inherited from yours?

It does, doesn’t it? My mom always used Oil of Olay. She was always very careful not to expose herself to the sun and was always wearing a hat. My sister and I are also rather pale, you know? I think my generation is much more careful about not going into the sun. Some of my friends’ mums were total sun bunnies.

Who’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen up close?

Michelle Williams—she just has this light about her. Jessica Chastain, too, in that same way that she’s sort of lit from within. And Norwegian director Liv Ullmann. Just beautiful.

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Here are more photos from the Daily Telegraph photoshoot that was added last week.

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The Contender Conversations are a serie of video inteviews, realized by Indiewire and MoviesOnDemand, to actors and actresses running up for the awards season. Cate Blanchett was interviewed on October 2013, and the videos were released on January 2014. You can watch them here.

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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Giorgio Armani

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PREPARATIONS for the 4th annual AACTA awards are well underway, with actress Cate Blanchett flying into Sydney to begin rehearsals.

Hollywood’s leading lady will co-host the awards night alongside The Sapphires actress, Deborah Mailman later this month.

The pair, who hadn’t seen each other for a while, spent a few minutes catching up, before shooting the video opener for the night’s broadcast.

“It’s an honour to host the 4th AACTA Awards with Deb, a shining light of Australian film and television,” Blanchett said.

“The AACTAs celebrate our nation’s creativity and our talents as storytellers, and I’m proud to be part of this national celebration.”

The AACTA Awards will be held at The Star Event Centre in Sydney on January 29 and will be broadcast on Network 10.

via The Daily Telegraph

Based on the ten short stories by Tim Winton, this multi-threaded film starts with the relationship between a young woman living in a trailer park with her abusive husband, and spreads out from there. Cate Blanchett is Gail Lang in the segment “Reunion“.

The official synopsis:

Ten stories interweave in their respective narratives, creating an intriguing and twisting central plot-line that often centres around the enigmatic members of the Lang family, each consumed by their shared pasts.

The Turning explores the impact of past on present, how the seemingly random incidents that change and shape us can never be escaped or let go of. All of the stories are bound together by recurring themes; the passing of time, regret, addiction and obsession.

Watch the trailer below!

The Turning premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival on August 3rd, 2013 and was screened in the Berlinale Special Galas section of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. Main Street Films has the U.S. rights, but not much has been heard about a release date.

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After almost two years of silence we have a news on this project!

Mark Romanek is set to direct the David Mamet-penned thriller Blackbird. The project, which Mamet himself was thought to be directing, will now see in-demand director Romanek at the helm. The film follows the grieving granddaughter of a famous special effects artist in Hollywood who discovers dangerous conspiracy secrets from her grandfather’s past that will put her and her autistic son’s life in danger. Scott Rudin has come on board to produce for his shingle, Scott Rudin Productions, with Eli Bush and Lila Yacoub also producing. Cate Blanchett will star in the leading role as Janet.

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Quebec-born director Dean DeBlois didn’t expect to hear, “How To Train Your Dragon 2” when the envelope was finally opened for the best animated feature category at the 72nd Annual Golden Globes on Sunday night.

“I was genuinely shocked when I heard those words, and it was a real high,” said DeBlois, on the phone from Los Angeles Monday morning.

“Every award pundit had TheLEGO Movie winning.”

The film also features the vocal talents of Gerard Butler, America Ferrera and Cate Blanchett.

With Cate Blanchett, this was her first time [doing animation], and she’s methodical about wanting to know every aspect of what the character is thinking, so it really became a discussion every time,” said DeBlois.

DeBlois is already hard at work on How to Train Your Dragon 3, which he says should be out in June of 2017.

via CBSNews Canada

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Many new pictures and screen captures from Cate’s Ads, Commercials and Charity Work!
A couple weeks ago these had been posted, but there were a server glitch and some updates were lost, so I’m posting them again!

Hello everyone! I’ve added some more photoshoots to the gallery. Some new stuff and some are higher quality versions of stuff that we already had.

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DON’T expect witty banter from actress Deborah Mailman when she co-hosts the AACTA Awards with Hollywood leading lady, Cate Blanchett.

The AACTA Awards will be held in Sydney on January 29 and Mailman, who will next appear in the movie Paper Planes, was feeling confident about her hosting duties.

The 42-year-old does, however, expect a few pre-show jitters.

I think closer to the date I will probably have a few nerves, and I am expecting that, but at the same time it is a great honour to be side by side with Cate,” Mailman, who lives in Wollongong with her husband and two children, said.

“But this is a time when the general public can take pride in the work and the films we are making in this country.”

AACTA president Geoffrey Rush, who has worked with both ladies, said he couldn’t think of two better and more successful women to host the well respected event.

The AACTA Awards celebrate Australia’s finest, and who better to headline this annual bash than two fabulous women who have blazed like comets across our screens at home and abroad,” Rush said.

“I encourage everyone to tune in to see these performers at play.”

The 4th annual Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts awards ceremony at The Star Event Centre, will be broadcast on Network 10.

via Daily Telegraph Australia

Two new interviews for Ms. Blanchett and brand new images from the new SK-II LXP Campaing

Cate Blanchett is a rare breed of actress. She’s a modern woman whose poise and beauty seems tethered to the collective memory audiences share of Hollywood’s classic beauties. She’s a commanding presence, but notably down-to-earth. Those of her ilk are scarce in this day and age. We caught up with the beguiling Aussie, the face SK-II skincare, to find out how she manages to stay looking pitch-perfect with such a topsy-turvy movie-star schedule.

SAKSPOV: You just completed your run with the Sydney Theater’s production of Genet’s ‘The Maids’ this past year in New York City. Eight performances a week must take a toll on anyone’s skin. How did you prep your skin for each performance?
Cate Blanchett: I moisturized with the LXP range before and after and make sure I cleanse well – when I’m on stage I use the SK-II Cleansing Oil. When I had two shows on the same day, I put an SK-II Facial Treatment Mask on between performances.

SAKSPOV: You just completed your run with the Sydney Theater’s production of Genet’s ‘The Maids’ this past year in New York City. Eight performances a week must take a toll on anyone’s skin. How did you prep your skin for each performance?
Cate Blanchett: I moisturized with the LXP range before and after and make sure I cleanse well – when I’m on stage I use the SK-II Cleansing Oil. When I had two shows on the same day, I put an SK-II Facial Treatment Mask on between performances.

How do you plan to spend the rest of your summer? Any big plans now that you’ve wrapped production on your latest stage work?
Cate Blanchett: Well, it’s winter in Sydney and we are about to have a holiday break with the children, so I hope I’m in a canoe, then tucked up by the fire.

via SaksPOV

As Cate Blanchett gets set to star in the upcoming remake of the 1950s Disney fairytale, Cinderella, she is looking younger than ever.
So what’s the secret behind the 45-year-old star’s timeless looks and healthy glow?
The Australian actress has revealed that she swears by the power of emu oil for keeping her skin in check as she opens her make-up bag for FEMAIL.

Speaking about the peculiar lotion, she said: ‘I tend to use really basic creams, and I like to put anoil on, like an emu oil from Australia. It’s from the emu and it’s really nourishing. I prefer an oil to a cream.

‘In indigenous Australian culture, that’s the first oil they put on a baby because it’s so hydrating,’ she said. ‘It’s all pretty basic.’

Cate, who is the ambassador for beauty brand SK-II, shared her day-to-day skincare tips.

She said: ‘I drink hot water with lemon. Everyone says, “Try this” or “Try that”, but they all come back to basic principles. They all come back to hydrating, drinking enough water and making sure you don’t eat over-processed food.
‘The other thing that’s really bad for your gut and skin, and really bad for your mind, is stress levels. Anything you can do to reduce your stress levels – which is hard if you’re under economic pressure or in relationship pressure – those things take a toll on you and your skin.
‘But anything you could do to ease that part of your life will have an impact. How you feel affects how you look.’
The Hollywood stalwart, who has won countless awards, says she’s picked up some vital beauty habits from her years in the industry.
She swears by not overplucking her eyebrows, and when it comes to make-up, finding the right foundation that works with her moisturiser is essential, she says.

‘I’ve gotten very quick and easy about [my beauty regime]. I don’t think about it a lot. I don’t wear a lot of makeup during my everyday life – I would for a character – but it’s all about making sure your skin is clean.

‘For me, the thing I’ll never give up is my skincare. I’ve also learnt how highlighting can change your face. I’m also not faddish about it, so it hasn’t really changed that much to be honest. I use the SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence, Serum and Cream and I cleanse, and I get up and do the same thing,’ she said.

The blonde beauty also opened up about ageing gracefully, admitting: ‘Whenever I have those days – and we all have them – and I go “Oh, I don’t like this bit or that bit”, I always have to ask myself what it is and that’s what I have to work on.

‘We’re all getting older, there’s no point panicking about it, you just try to look as good as you can at whatever age you are.’

She continued: ‘I really subscribe to the Asian philosophy that in order for something to be perfect, it needs to contain its grain of imperfection.

‘In Japan for instance, when a plate breaks, they’ll put it back together but they’ll put gold along the cracks – they’ll celebrate the crack. Whereas in the West, I feel like we’re always trying to pretend the crack’s not there or throw it away and get another one.

‘I think we should throw out the notion of trying to attain all that perfection that isn’t possible. We should try to be better but we should celebrate who we are and what we have. I certainly wasn’t born with incredible skin but I worked with what I’d been given.’

Discussing her New Year’s resolutions, she revealed that working out is at the top of her priorities list.

‘I’m so regular with my skincare, so I’d love to get regular with my exercise too because it always goes out the window,’ she said.

‘If I don’t do something in the morning then I don’t get it done because then the day takes over. And often it does take over for one thing or another.

‘I’ve so many friends who have incorporated the idea of meditating at some point during the day, so I would love that. There’re so many apps now and the world can get so noisy; we’re so addicted to being busy. I would really love to find that 15 minutes a day to just be still and quiet.’

via DailyMail

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